April 1st: Celebrating 15 years cancer free… no foolin.

A Letter from Molly MacDonald, Founder & CEO

Fifteen years ago, I received my "no foolin'" breast cancer diagnosis on a day reserved for jokes and pranks. But this was no joke.

 My early Stage 0, DCIS, ductal carcinoma insitu was unlikely to take my life, but it took my livelihood while I underwent two surgeries and six weeks of daily radiation. Without my income and the addition of a hefty COBRA premium to access my care, our family experienced what is now known as cancer-related financial toxicity.

 We almost lost our home to foreclosure, my car to the repo man, and a shut-off of utilities. During those challenging months, I met other working women experiencing similar challenges. My despair turned quickly to determination, and my quest to get help became one to give help to women like me in active treatment who are unable to work and at risk for catastrophic financial losses.

Fifteen years later, this April 1st, we are all facing a "no-foolin'" 30-day quarantine to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Many, many Americans and their families are facing the side effects of financial toxicity; and those in treatment for cancer are impacted even more severely now that their incomes have been slashed in half. Even with government assistance, it is going to be hard to keep up.

So while I celebrate 15 years cancer-free this April 1st, I am ever mindful of the hopelessness many families are experiencing. As a result, our entire team has taken a pay cut to preserve dollars to fund qualifies patient’s bill payments for housing, transportation, utilities, and insurance. We are working harder than ever to raise money, and maintain the mission while safely sheltering in place.

I am so determined, perhaps more than ever, to give real help now through The Pink Fund. I am so grateful to our donors, corporate partners, and all who host events to benefit our mission to make this happen. Today, I am proud to say that thanks to all of you, we have paid out $4,168,551.00 in financial aid. No foolin'.

The Financial Side Effects of Cancer

Financial Toxicity


130% increase in financial difficulties for patients in active treatment

Job Loss

Breast Cancer Stats

Between 20-30% of women diagnosed with breast cancer will lose their jobs



10M will be unable to pay for rent, food & utilities because of medical bills

Impact on Savings

Impact on Savings

76% of full time workers nationwide live paycheck to paycheck

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