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Working with Pink Fund, Our Trademarks, and More

We are humbled and inspired by the many people and organizations that want to work with us to raise funds. It is important you follow the guidelines to get involved or you could be putting yourself and Pink Fund at risk.

What does the Pink Fund® registered trademark mean?

In 2006 we set out to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer patients in need and became an authorized 501(c)(3) organization. We are held to all the regulations that cover fundraising practices with that status.

We do not allow our name or likeness to be used unless there is an agreement in place with our organization. 

The Pink Fund® is a registered trademark name and logo. Along with our other ‘brand’ names and marks, these are copyright protected items. Fundraising or advertising for cancer using any of our ‘brand names’ is protected by the trademark of our brand.

Other trademarks include:

Real Help Now®
Real Help For The Other Part Of The Fight®
Dancing With The Survivors®
Dancing For The Survivors®

Registered images include: Pink Fund logo, Dancing With The Survivors® and SurThrivor®, open heart image.

How to create an authorized fundraising event and promotional materials?

We depend on the generosity of partners, advocates, and volunteers who fundraise and campaign along with us. We only ask that you gain permission in advance using the tools and guidelines.

We’ve worked tirelessly to build the Pink Fund into an organization for good;  providing help to those in need. Please respect these legal boundaries we’ve created to protect the organization that we love.  

Show your support 

Follow our social media accounts and share, share, share our message! Use our social handle @thepinkfund or hashtags #ThePinkFund #RealHelpNow #DancingForTheSurvivors #DancingWithTheSurvivors #OneLessWorry #SurThrivor


If you or a family member is undergoing treatment for breast cancer and have lost household working income, learn more about how The Pink Fund can help.

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We rely on the generosity of people like you. Donate online and help breast cancer patients in treatment pay their bills so they can concentrate on what is most important... healing.

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