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Pink Fund joins Empowerography Live 2024 Women’s Conference

Molly MacDonald will speak on an online panel at the 2024 Empowerography Live Women's Conference on March 8. The conference theme is: Be Heard, Stand Out & Rise Up - Giving a Voice to Social Justice Through Advocacy, Awareness & Action. Speakers will include 29 women covering 5 different sessions throughout the event.

The sessions begin March 8 at 9:30 a.m. Eastern and will continue through 6 p.m.

Panel sessions include:

PANEL 1: Breast Friends: Uniting for Awareness and Action
Dawn Gaden, Dr. Michelle Mras, Nicole Lite, Valerie David, Molly MacDonald

PANEL 2: Whispers to Shouts: Raising Voices Against Domestic Violence
Ann Oickle, Justine Martin, Symone Fairchild, Teri Maye

PANEL 3: Trading Shadows: A Panel on the Unseen Impact of Human/Sex Trafficking
Alicia Tappan, Amanda Blackwood, Amanda Quick, Auraora Leigh

PANEL 4: Mind Matters - Illuminating the Significance of Mental Well-Being
Angelique Strang, Darc Kesner Hawkins, Emma Weaver, Mary Kim Farkas, Sarah Willoughby, Taylor A. Caruthers

PANEL 5: Mirror, Mirror: Reflections on Self-Love and Empowerment
Alara Sage, Anita Adrain, Brenda Bryson, Cheryl Viczko, Denise Styer, Ethel Rucker, Karsta Marie, Pam Heffler

For full conference details and ticket information, click here.


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