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Advocate Spotlight: Jessica Jones

A note from Molly: Meet Jessica Jones, a breast cancer research nurse dedicated to educating women of color about the importance of clinical trials. She has partnered with Pink Fund as a guest blogger where she will share insights into the reality of clinical trials as a healthcare professional and founder of a nonprofit, Stand Up 2 Breast Cancer.

By Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones headshotAs a teenager, my introduction to the healthcare system was through the lens of personal challenge, accompanying my mother to her appointments as she battled a rare autoimmune disease. This experience illuminated the multifaceted nature of health, intertwining physical and mental struggles. Witnessing my mother's transformation, not back to her former self but into someone even more resilient, left a profound impact on me. Her journey through adversity, trying to maintain a semblance of normalcy while raising a child, was both awe-inspiring and heart-wrenching. It instilled in me a deep-seated desire to ensure that no one would feel helpless when facing health issues. This conviction steered me toward a career in nursing, where I could directly influence the lives of those I encountered, treating each patient with the same compassion and care I wished for my mother.

Embarking on my role as a breast cancer research nurse in 2016 I began working with individuals who were in various stages of their cancer diagnosis, from those who are newly diagnosed to those with metastatic breast cancer. In this role, I felt an immediate connection to the women I met. Each one grappling with their diagnosis was more than a patient; they were individuals with diverse roles and responsibilities, each facing unique challenges. Witnessing the stark reality that young women and women of color are disproportionately affected by breast cancer, due to a complex web of factors including genetics, healthcare access, and awareness, reinforced my resolve. It highlighted the critical need for health equity, the belief that every individual deserves the same opportunity for health, regardless of their background.

Motivated by this, I founded "Stand Up 2 Breast Cancer," a nonprofit aimed at eradicating these disparities through education. Our goal is to empower women with knowledge about breast health and the significance of clinical trials, enabling them to advocate for their health. The potential of clinical trials to offer hope and personalized treatments is immense, yet systemic biases often limit the participation of women of color, widening the health disparity gap.

Our organization is committed not just to increasing trial participation but to cultivating informed decision-making within underrepresented communities. By focusing on education in these areas, we aim to elevate awareness about breast cancer risks, promote early detection, and encourage healthy lifestyle choices. We are especially dedicated to amplifying the voices of women in Black and Brown communities, ensuring they are empowered to navigate their health journeys.

I envision a future where the fight against breast cancer is equitable, where every woman, regardless of her background, has the support of a healthcare system that is both compassionate and just. By uniting our voices and efforts, we can challenge and eventually overcome the disparities in breast cancer care, one empowered individual at a time.

Check back next month for Jessica's blog dispelling common myths about clinical trials.


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