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Empowering Survivors: The Launch of the Cancer Survivorship Resource Nook

Compiled by Rosalind Sample, Community Outreach Coordinator

Cancer touches the lives of all of us, leaving a trail of challenges. But within these trials, there are stories of hope, resilience, and unity. Today, we shine a spotlight on such a story - that of Yvonne McLean Florence, M. Div., a breast cancer survivor who has channeled her experience into advocacy and support for the survivor community.

I had the privilege of meeting Yvonne at a breast cancer conference a few year ago, and I can say firsthand that her passion for sharing cancer support resources in her community has access to this cause is nothing short of contagious. She's not just a survivor; she's a pillar of strength for those around her. Having navigated the tumultuous journey of cancer, she now serves as a Patient/Research Advocate, Community Ambassador, and the distinguished 2023 Elevate Ambassador for the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS). Her work is a testament to the power of turning personal battles into communal bridges of support. 

Introducing the Cancer Survivorship Resource Nook (CSRN) 

In collaboration with the Elevating Survivorship program at NCCS, Yvonne has been a driving force behind the creation of the CSRN - a hub of knowledge and resources aimed at educating and assisting individuals impacted by cancer. This initiative seeks to provide comprehensive information through printed materials from renowned cancer organizations, covering crucial topics from awareness to survivorship. 

The Vision Behind the CSRN 

The CSRN aims to fill an educational void, particularly within church communities in Philadelphia and surrounding counties. By situating these resources within churches, the CSRN promises to be an accessible well of support, catering to those who are in need of guidance, information, or simply a sense of community during their cancer journey. 

A Milestone Event: The First CSRN Installation 

The unveiling of the very first CSRN is scheduled for an auspicious occasion - National Cancer Survivors Day, on Sunday, June 2, 2024. The event, hosted at the Salt and Light Community Church in Philadelphia, will gather survivors, caregivers, and community members to celebrate this significant addition to their support system. 

Event Details: 

  • Church: Salt and Light Community Church 
  • Address: 5736 Chester Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19143 
  • Senior Pastor: Rev. Cean James, M.Div. 
  • Time: To be determined 
  • Cancer Survivorship Resource Monitor: Pastor Lisa R. Coleman 

Shining a Light on Local Resources 

As we prepare for the installation of the CSRN, we want to emphasize the importance of community-based resources. This quarter, Pink Fund will actively support and have a presence at various events, ensuring that valuable resources are accessible to those in need within your local community. Keep an eye out for our calendar of events and join us in promoting health, awareness, and survivorship. 

Connect and Learn More 

To deepen your understanding of the Elevate Ambassador Program and to connect with NCCS, please explore the following links: 

Yvonne's Journey: From Survivor to Advocate 

Yvonne's story is one of courage and transformation. To read more about her journey from breast cancer survivor to a beacon of advocacy, click the link below: 

Together We Can: Yvonne McLean Florence's Journey 

In anticipation of the launch and the profound impact it will have on our community, we invite you to be part of this momentous occasion. Together, we can ensure that every survivor has access to the knowledge, support, and care they deserve. 


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