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Pink Fund Patient Voices: Debbie H.

Debbie H. is a 2017 Pink Fund recipient

Pink Fund: Can you please share your story and introduce yourself to our Pink Fund Connect Community?
Debbie H. My name is Deborah H. I was diagnosed with invasive pleomorphic lobular carcinoma as well as ductal carcinoma in situ Her 2 negative and  ER positive in 2017.

PF: At what point did you realize that you were facing financial toxicity as a result of your breast cancer diagnosis?

DH: When I was told the surgery would take 6 weeks to recover. And then I would have 4 rounds of chemo and 30 radiation treatments. I knew I would have to take time off work for this. I was self-employed so I had no PTO or anything to fall back on.

PF: How did the financial strain impact your emotional well-being and overall cancer journey?
DH: It was emotionally debilitating. I was dealing with a physical ailment as well as emotional.

PF: Can you tell us about the Pink Fund and how you came to know about this organization?
DH: My social worker at the time said she thought I may qualify. It was a huge weight off my shoulders.

PF: What was the application process like for obtaining financial assistance from the Pink Fund?
DH: My social worker helped me with the application in her office. It took a few hours, but Pink Fund came through and paid my bills for 3 months. My mortgage, my electric bill and my car payment were covered.

PF: How has the financial assistance provided by Pink Fund helped to alleviate some of the burden in your life during your treatment?
DH: It helped immensely it was almost like a life raft that just helped me stay afloat until I could get things taken care of.

PF: Are there any specific ways in which Pink Fund's support made a significant difference in your experience?
DH: I truly felt this organization was different. I actually saw the benefit and I actually know for a fact that when you donate to this organization, the money goes directly to the recipients and they don’t keep any money held back. I was so touched by all they do I started volunteering for them in the fall of 2017.

PF: What advice would you give to other breast cancer patients currently going through similar financial struggles?
DH: I tell anyone I come in contact with who is dealing with breast cancer to fill out an application I even carry Pink Fund business cards in my purse.

PF: Aside from the Pink Fund, are there other resources or organizations that have been helpful in supporting you financially or emotionally during your breast cancer journey?
DH: Yes. Angels of Hope also helped me out for a month with a few bills I had and sent me a $500 gift card to be used how I felt it was needed. Also, the Green Oak Fire Department where my husband is a firefighter raised enough money to pay for one month’s mortgage payment.



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