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By Molly MacDonald

When attending the American Society of Clinical Oncology Conference (ASCO) the largest oncology conference in the United States, you are often asked, “Are you having a good ASCO?”  

Having a good ASCO means different things to different people. 

Molly and Tracy at ASCOBut in general, you return home armed with the latest and greatest research that is helping to cure disease and extend lives. It is about early detection, and the success of clinical trials and efforts advancing public policy for the benefit of patients. 

For Pink Fund, much of our time is meeting with professionals in the industry who are interested in supporting our mission through funding and collaboration. 

And then there are the meetings with patient advocacy groups, like Pfizer’s POPCE and the Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance, MBCAlliance, where patient advocates, patients and industry come together to brainstorm and address ways in which they can work together to help solve issues cancer patients face. In our case, financial toxicity. 

For Tracey Cholish, our Director of Development, and me, most of our time was spent meeting with pharma partners and funders to update them on Pink Fund’s successes and plans for the future.  

We also met with other advocates and non-profit organizations to determine how we might best collaborate to benefit those we serve. 

But for all of you, here are links to the most salient and GOOD NEWS.  

So yes, we had a good ASCO. 


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