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Breast Cancer Unawareness Month

For many, fighting the medical side of breast cancer is only half the battle. Pink Fund is here for the other part of the fight that many are unaware of: the devastating financial effect the disease can have. The cost of treatment for some forces them into difficult choices, like paying medical bills or paying the mortgage. Chemo or a car payment? Keep the doctor appointment or keep the lights on?

Fact: 41% of patients alter or skip treatment due to the financial hardships of breast cancer.

As you know, Pink Fund is here to help those in need ease the financial burden breast cancer brings on, and raise awareness of this largely unknown problem. Which is why we are officially declaring October as Breast Cancer UnAwareness Month. And, as part of this effort, we’re asking everyone with a pink ribbon to turn it upside down in support of this other part of the fight

Let’s make sure no one has to fight breast cancer as well as debt collectors. Below are ways you can spread the word company-wide and on your social platforms as well as involve your employees in peer-to-peer fundraisers

Thank you in advance for your support during Breast Cancer UnAwareness Month—we truly appreciate the support of our corporate sponsors, and would not be able to help the growing number of breast cancer patients who rely on our financial help without you. Let’s make this an October to raise awareness and funding, and don’t forget to turn your pink ribbons upside down!


If you or a family member is undergoing treatment for breast cancer and have lost household working income, learn more about how The Pink Fund can help.

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We rely on the generosity of people like you. Donate online and help breast cancer patients in treatment pay their bills so they can concentrate on what is most important... healing.

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