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When people see breast cancer they see the toxic physical side effects of treatment. What they often don’t see is a side effect that is just as challenging, known as financial toxicity. The eye-opening reality is that patients are having to make difficult financial choices when faced with the cost of treatment, like whether they can afford to pay for rent or radiation.

There are countless charities that fund research and address the medical side of breast cancer ­– few actually provide the financial relief thousands of families so greatly depend on. Copays, deductibles, inability to work, and transportation to and from treatment often leave patients having to choose between their life and life savings. Did you know 47% of breast cancer patients report a significant burden from their breast cancer related out-of-pockets costs?

That’s why this spring, we’re asking you to shift your focus to include the unseen and direct your Eyes Up Here to the financial side effects of breast cancer. Learn more about how to financially navigate breast cancer and how you can Give Help to patients and their families in need of financial assistance.

Real Survivors, Real Stories, Real Financial Hardships

Join us in elevating the voices of thirty brave women who participated in Eyes Up Here. Many of them have received financial assistance from Pink Fund, but all have faced a personal battle with breast cancer. We are honored to feature real women who can attest to the lesser-known burdens of this disease firsthand.

“Once I told my work about my diagnosis, they had me sign something saying that I understood it would be nonpaid leave. I burned through my PTO fast. The out-of-pocket costs are greater than people think.”

– Janice J.

"I couldn’t work due to my compromised immune system. I had no income. I had just ended a relationship before my diagnosis. Pink Fund gave me the most support – they gave me a place to live.”

– Kelly S.

“My son is in high school, and He’s very much aware of the financial struggle. I’m back working, but I haven’t fully recovered financially. he’s still hesitant about asking for things he needs.”

– Tiffany C

“After I lost my husband to cancer, it was a struggle to get back and track. Then we were at a point where I got diagnosed and I was still struggling financially. I actually was on the verge of losing my home.”

– Ty W.

“Without Pink Fund, I’m sure that I would be homeless, out on the streets or in a shelter. To anyone considering donating, know that without your support, women like me could not manage financially.”

– Kathi K.

“I’m self-employed, so getting diagnosed with breast cancer was really scary. You're scared because you have cancer and then you're scared because you’re wondering how you’re going to pay this bill.”

– Karen  B.

“It was either buy my kids Christmas presents or pay the electric bill. Assistance from Pink Fund completely changed everything. It changed the whole attitude around Christmas that year.”

– Tammy C.

“I was bartending as a single homeowner. My doctor told me I wouldn’t be able to work. I ended up not working for a year and a half. Without Pink Fund I really think I could’ve lost my home.”

– Jill S.

“It has an impact on a person that I was not prepared for. you still have bills coming in. You still have your mortgage and your car payment. life doesn't pause when you get cancer.”

– Debbie H.

“I think a lot of people see the camaraderie, the walks, the pink. I wish more people weren't desensitized. My journey was very sad and lonely. Pink Fund showed me I wasn't alone.”

– Erica B.

“I was a server when I had to take off 10 months of work between my mastectomy and chemo. It was pretty rough, as we had to deplete our 401k and what we had just to stay afloat.”   

– Krystal B.

"I think of how very sad it is that our healthcare system is so broken. That every day people are diagnosed with life changing illnesses and they must face so many fears. Bankruptcy should not be one of them."

– Amy F.

“They tell you not to worry. They tell you stress is your enemy. Then you get a bill the size of two small houses. Without Pink Fund I would have to add homelessness to the list of things to deal with.”

– Theresa S.

“I'm metastatic. I get infusions every three weeks. they want you to do the pink stuff, the runs and all that for us survivors. I don't see myself in that category anymore. I’m in this for life.”

– Brenda K.

“I was in treatment waiting rooms with other women who were debating stopping treatment to go back to work. Shortly after I found myself standing in line at a food bank to feed my five children.”

– Molly M.


If you or a family member is undergoing treatment for breast cancer and have lost household working income, learn more about how The Pink Fund can help.

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