Grant recipient of the Pink Fund with her two children

My wife was diagnosed with Breast Cancer when she was 27, and I, 30. We have 2 small children; 4 and 1. As one could imagine, the news was devastating but we knew we had to hit this head on. We had no idea the financial toll it would take on our family. She just completed her 6th round of Chemotherapy and is due for surgery this month. We’re confident she will beat this.

As this is for The Pink Fund, I want to say this was a real lifesaver. When caring for your partner, bills are often far from the forefront. The Pink Fund gave us the opportunity to survive, to save for the upcoming events, and gave us a couple of months not to worry about a mortgage (diagnosis was only months after purchasing our first home) or other bills. It really made all the difference and is giving us a chance to survive this tough financial time. Without The Pink Fund, I am sure we would not survive the financial burden cancer brings. But, because of you, we will find a way. We always do.

It is such a relief to get this support and, from that day on, I have become an advocate for this fund. I can not say enough great things about it. What can be said about such a helpful resource? Thank you is always first but always feels like it falls short.

Thank you for all you do.

~ Michael, husband of a grant recipient


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