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Dena H.

This is the second time I’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer within 10 years. I was devastated as COVID-19 had already eliminated one of my 2 jobs, and bills were starting to pile up and I was unable to keep up with even the basics. 3 months into my diagnosis the doctors suggested chemo, radiation and surgery and put me on a no work leave as I worked with the public and my immune system was already compromised. I really got depressed at this point plus I had no insurance at this time, so medical bills were also unpaid and building.

A Mayo Clinic Patient Navigator and social worker visited me and informed me of your programs. I was excited yet procrastinated as I was still overwhelmed by everything. Upon several visits with the navigator and social worker they gave me hope for the future and encouraged me to be proactive including this fund.

The Pink Fund has allowed me to relieve financial stress as I proceeded with my treatment plan. This grant paid several of my bills which was very helpful when my car broke down in the middle of treatment, because I was able to pay to fix the car. I’m now able to continue much needed transportation to my appointments and soon to be able to go back to work.

I can’t express in words the gratitude I feel for your support when I needed it the most, even telling my story now I have tears in my eyes as your organization helped me come out of a dark space I was seeping into. As of today I am healing physically from my treatments, I have grounded my spirituality again, I have hope and a better financial window because of you and I don’t feel the weight on my shoulders or fear of being homeless and hungry.

Thank you may your organization be blessed as you’ve blessed me and my family and so many others.

~ Dena H.


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