Honoring Mary Herczog one grant at a time. - The Pink Fund

Honoring Mary Herczog one grant at a time.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Words cannot express the gratitude I feel receiving this grant. You have made what sometimes feels like an impossible situation doable. This grant has made it possible to manage our finances until I start receiving social security benefits without going into extreme debt.

The financial obligations can feel more frightening than stage 4 diagnosis. I am forever grateful for The Pink Fund and when I am able I will pay it forward." ~LaToya

Dear friend,

Nothing could fulfill the purpose with which we started the Mary Herczog Fund for Metastatic Breast Cancer more than having received this note from LaToya, one of 18 recipients of grants from the fund in 2019, and similar expressions from others we were able to help. And I can hardly imagine the range of emotions Mary herself would be feeling to know of this, though mostly it would be a joy to see how she has inspired others to reach out and help, and how those such as LaToya are in turn inspired to find ways to help others. This is the spirit with which Mary lived so fully, and which lives on now through all who have helped make the Fund grow and its reach increase.

     “I could spend my time brooding, or I could spend it living.” ~ Mary


With the Mary Herczog Fund for Metastatic Breast Cancer,  we all are helping others to be able to spend their time living. And for that, I have boundless gratitude.


Steve Hochman (Mary's Husband)


Your support means everything to us and the metastatic breast cancer survivors we support. On March 31, 2020 Mary Herczog would have celebrated her 56th birthday.  In memory and in celebration of her incredible life, we are launching the 2020 appeal to increase the number of patients helped with metastatic breast cancer. Our goal is to assist 20 patients in 2020. Will you be a Pink Fund Hero to those who need it most?

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