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The Other Part of the Fight

My musings on life, healthcare, patient advocacy and all things breast cancer.

Jun 01

How I Became an Advocate for People with Cancer

By Gissoo DeCotiis People living with cancer often talk about how it turns your world upside down. It makes you reevaluate almost everything and leads you to focus ...

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May 25

A Story of Culture

Moving is no easy feat and moving to another country is a tremendous feat.  My parents moved from the Philippines with me when I was less than a ...

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May 11

I’m Feeling DIEPly Disturbed…

UPDATE: CMS has announced that reconsidering this code change will be the pressing agenda item for its June 1 public meeting. We need all of your voices to ...

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Apr 28

This is ME!

I had no intention of participating in this photo shoot for Pink Fund’s Eyes Up Here campaign. After I watched other survivors bare their breasts in the safety ...

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Apr 05

Reducing Financial Toxicity with Philanthropic Financial Aid

Patricia Falconer, MBA, is the Strategic Advisor at Atlas Health and President at Health Options LLC. Atlas Health helps hospitals and health systems save and improve lives by ensuring every ...

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Mar 16

Breast Density Notification Laws Have Passed, But Now What?

By Shoshana Hallowell, MD You’ve gotten a letter in the mail informing you about your dense breast tissue. While it’s great to be informed, it’s important to know ...

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Mar 09

Blueprint for Successful Patient Collaboration

By Marianne Gandee, Vice President, Patient Solutions & Alliances, North America Pfizer Oncology In October of 2019, I left a career I loved at a nonprofit oncology advocacy ...

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Feb 23

I Believed I Could, So I Did.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, my childhood was spent living about a mile from the palatial Lakeshore Drive estate of Henry Ford II, whose father ...

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Feb 16

Why Breast Cancer Patients Need Pink Fund Now More Than Ever

A few years ago, I worked at a hospital in a rural area on the boarder in between Virginia and North Carolina. I met Anna*, a 38-year-old woman ...

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